Hi, it's Kent 

Your trusty long time supporter and active influencer with your awesome companies. I want to expand my role with your revolutionary companies, I know thousands of other people do as well, so let me show you the value and vision I would bring on board. I have decided to be proactive and analyze the current opportunities available to your companies, provided below is my two cents on where Mark Wood Music Productions should focus it's energies next. 

Please scroll through the analysis and let's chat when you are done!

First let me explain what these concepts are centered around; My goals 

Mark Wood Music Productions is (almost) taking over the world

Here is a brief outline of where your companies stand (this part you already know) 

  • Electrify Your Strings is the worlds fastest growing educational outreach program 
  • Wood Violins is one of the largest Electric String manufacturers in the world 
  • MWROC is the worlds first (and largest) contemporary string festival 
  • Electrify Your Strings has impacted hundreds of thousands of students 
  • Wood Violins has become the go to choice for the industries best players
  • MWROC continues to maintain momentum each year


What's missing?

This is the part where I get to tell you all of my crazy ideas. EYS, Wood Violins and MWROC have some tremendous opportunities in front of them. With our combined visions and motivations, there is no reason these opportunities cannot become realities that activate the 3 goals listed above. 


Electrify Your Symphony Tour (name tbd) 

The Electrify Your Symphony Tour is modeled off of the success that was achieved at the Sioux Falls show last year. This model has been redesigned so that EYS is able to bring in more revenue from the show. Click the "learn more" button to see a fully outlined business model. 

The potential Gross Revenue from this model could be upwards of 2.5Million/year


EYS The Method subscription website

This business model is something that has been discussed and developed over the course of the past year. I would like to finalize this model and launch the website. Click the "learn more" button to see a detailed business model. 

The potential Gross Revenue from this model could be upwards of $150k/year


Wood violins selling program

This model outlines a sales funnel for Wood Violins to be able to sell through the school systems. I am sure something similar already exists, this would simply ramp it up in a way that is streamlined for programs to get access to Wood Violins Products. Click the "learn more" button to see a detailed business model. 


additional consistent opportunities 

Here is a brief list of some of the other ideas that would still activate the goals listed at the beginning.

Why did i do this? 

I Fell in love with the mission of your companies many years ago. First as a student, then a musician and professional. Somewhere in-between I found myself completely enamored by the culture created by your companies. 

I am determined to find a way to actively contribute to the future successes of your companies. 

Why I love Mark Wood Music Companies

  • I deeply resonate with the vision of connecting people through the power of music and making strings cool again.
  • The culture focuses around a creative, open and inspiring energy. 
  • Working for your team means working with world class professionals everyday. 
  • I have been indoctrinated by your companies message and products since I was just a kid. 

What is the next step? 

Officially bringing me on board as the full time Creative Director to oversee new growth and expansion opportunities. Focus on driving results to increase brand awareness, increase revenues and increase the corporate footprint.