The Beginning of The End. 

The self recorded and produced solo album started as a side project. Experimenting with a recording library and program on loan from his producer Gary Cavano, Kent began composing and writing original music. He began to discover his own voice through music and continued writing. When Gary passed away, Kent decided to complete the album in his honor, taking all of the knowledge and technology inherited from Gary and finish the album on his own. 

Debut Solo Album

After spending several years touring as a member of different groups and bands, Kent acquired multi-instrumental skills, learning to play the guitar, bass, piano, drums and more. Leading him to be able to record every track on his solo record, this allowed him to be able to express himself in every aspect of the album. The writing process was shared between his guitar players; Justice Buike and Christopher Dockus. 

A mix of old and new

Every track featured on the record, excluding two, are new originals written by Kent Dockus and his band. "Skinny Love" and "Elastic Heart" are featured on the record as covers, they were chosen because of the potential to add string parts to the arrangements. Kent is featured on vocals on the track "Lost" although not a singer he said the track would not have carried the same expression without the context of the lyrics.