MWROC Music Festival - inspiring young artists

The annual MWROC Music Festival took place this week in Olathe, KS at the beautiful Bell Center at the Mid-American Nazarene University. For the 6th year running the MWROC Music festival has continued to inspire artists of all ages in attendance. 

Founder of the MWROC Music Festival, Mark Wood has put together the dream team of Artist Mentors to lead his vision. Each night of the week, the Artist Mentor team puts on their personal faculty performances that propel the inspiration and creativity of the days to come. 

Some of the lead faculty members include:

  • Mark Wood - cofounder of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • Joe Deninzon 
  • Dr. David Wallace - dean of strings, Berklee College of Music
  • Chuck Bontrager 
  • Val Vigoda 
  • Haydn Vitera 
  • Sean Grissom 
  • Matt Vanacoro 
  • Jason Giani 
  • Paul Raneri 

and more...

For many of the returning members of the MWROC Music Festival, the festival is referred to as "home" and the "temple of rock". This annual tradition of music, creativity and friendship is teaching all who attend what the world of music is all about. 

To learn more about attending the MWROC Music Festival check out: